Bethlehem, PA | 8,000 SF

Pi is an adaptive reuse of a former garment manufacturing building. It appropriates an existing loading dock, transforming it into a dynamic entry threshold for the facility. One of the most exciting features of this urban intervention is the conspicuity array that marks this new entry.

The conspicuity array marks entry, signals transition, and promotes pedestrian safety for doors that open immediately onto a tight street. The array augments the “gritty” architecture of its industrial building, and acts as a visual cue for vehicular and pedestrian travelers along a narrow but important urban corridor. Thus, the conspicuity array becomes both an urban intervention for the City and a public face for an otherwise inconspicuous building.

Inside, Pi's architecture is influenced by its history as a garment factory and its current owner, Cantelmi Hardware. Off-the-shelf componets and materials combine in simple, discernible ways to create details that relate to the user. The project's aggressive budget and its potential technology-business tenants drove its “garage” aesthetic.

Pi's spaces are flexible, raw, inventive, and expressive; they take advantage of the building's underlying beauty to create a light-filled platform for business tenants. In keeping with that spirit, many tenants have adopted a DIY approach to their spaces, allowing the building to grow and change like artists' lofts, a pattern that differs radically from more static, traditional office spaces.