Easton, PA | 549,000 SF

The project focused on the substantial expansion of the existing middle school from 174,000 SF to 549,000 SF to house the education of over 3000 students in grades 5 through 8.

The overall campus was envisioned as “schools within a school.” The existing building was renovated for the fifth and sixth grades while the new addition was designed to meet the needs of grades seven and eight. Each school has its own entrance, administrative area, library, nurse, computer labs, music rooms, faculty areas, student dining areas, and physical education spaces.

They share a new 1750-seat auditorium, a 3000-seat performance gymnasium, television studio, and kitchen facilities. These areas have been strategically planned to allow for classroom areas to be secured when public spaces, such as the auditorium or performance gym, are used for evening events.

The exterior of the new addition harmonizes with the existing building while reducing the apparent mass of the substantial structure. The south facçade curves gently to contour and reduces the visual length of the building by eliminating abrupt corners. Three main glass-walled stair towers are a cost-effective design element that also allows for ease of circulation and increases security. During evening events, the glass entrances and stair towers act as a beacon, drawing visitors into the school.